The class uses the Parrot Rolling Spider Drones. These drones have a few salient features that makes them the perfect candidate for this course.


  • Safe: Unlike most consumer drones designed for outdoors flight, the Parrot Rolling Spider drones are very small. Moreover, the wheels around the drone prevent direct contact with the propellers. It is almost impossible to get hurt while playing with the drones (yet, we still require various safety precautions in the class).
  • Reliable: The wheels around the drone also protect the drone itself. Even if the drones falls on the ground or crashes into a wall, the wheels protect the drone.
  • Affordable: The drones currently sell for $70 in Amazon. They are very affordable. Instructors can buy one for each students, especially for a small class, on a university budget. Many hobbyists trying to learn control theory can afford to buy one.